about us

As on many fields of life, now-days it's hard to navigate ourselves between the "hills of offers" what we are flooding with. Every charter company advertises themselves as the best solution to having a joyful, fantastic, unforgettable sailing holiday, but it's easy to see: sometimes those promises remains just promises...

Some good stock-photos with happy people on it, beautiful videos about surroundings and well designed trendy website doesn't mean that the given services are also represents that level what we would have expected. Nobody like "surprises", especially if it costs money and even more if our family's free- and charging time depends on it. That's why important to have real and credible information to making better decisions in these determinative questions.

Yachting Feedback is designed to avoid these "surprises" by showing the member's real experiences with the help of their text-reviews, uploaded pictures or general ratings - establishing with it a growing community who helps other people in their decisions and also a good feedback to charter companies to improve their services.


The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
-Marcel Proust