Yachting Feedback - The real compass in your sailing holiday

As is the case in many fields, it is becoming difficult to navigate the mountains of offers being sent by charter companies. Each company promotes itself as the best solution for a joyful, unforgettable sailing holiday, but it is easy to see that many of these promises are empty.

Stock photos of happy people, videos of beautiful surroundings, and a well designed, trendy website do not guarantee flawless services. These websites may not show what you will actually get, and no one likes surprises, especially if they cost money or, worse, a family’s free time. That is why it is so important to have a credible information source to help shoppers make informed decisions when it comes to choosing a charter company.

Yachting Feedback is designed to help shoppers avoid surprises by showing other charterer’s real experiences, including their reviews, pictures, and general ratings. This growing community will also help charter companies by guiding their decision- making with useful feedback that will help them improve their services.

Please, share your trip experience!